Multi-Screen LCD displays

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  1. Anyone know where i can get a nice multi-screen setup? All the ones i've seen from Zenview, or Cinemassive are pretty damn expensive.

    i've tried looking on ebay, but couldn't seem to find any at all for sale.

    also, will it work if i just get the setup frame for the setup and just get all the monitors myself and mount them on the rack from those companies? or will they not fit? do they only fit the monitors they come with?


    lastly, how do people connect 4 monitors to one computer? i have 1 graphic card, and right now i have 2 monitors connected to it... one through the analogue and one through the digital part of the graphic card.... my graphic card also comes with a bridge which allows me to plug in another graphic card... now does anyone know if both of the graphic cards connected with a bridge need to be the same brand and same model? or can they be completely different?
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    the ways to have 4 monitors:

    1. buy a graphics card that has 4 outputs.

    2. if you have extra slot, plug in another dual port graphics card. (They don't have to be the same model.)
    (don't know what brand you are using, so can't tell you about your card. Best to find the brand/model then check the manufacturer's website for support.)

    3. get a matrox triplehead2go adapter to split one signal to 3 monitors.
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    which one is the best? ie fastest...
    will matrox triplehead2go adapter lag the output?
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    also,.. im going to buy a new box from Dell, approx from $500-1500. can someone recommend me on which model to get in case i want to plug in another dual port graphics card?

  7. I have 3 monitors plus a seperate laptop. For the 3 monitors I use a Matrox g450(dual monitor I got on ebay 5 yrs ago for $40 and a cheap-ass $20 PCi card for the 3rd monitor.

    They work great. You can do it with pretty much any motherboard, so any Dell you buy should be fine.

    You can buy monitor stands from or check on some other sites.

    The only thing that bugs me about the MAtrox card is that the registration window pops up every startup. Even though I click "don not show this message again" every day. Been clicking it for 5yrs . lol..i guess for the price I really can't complain.
  8. Any of them, just verify it has an open slot and make sure it has the open slot you will need for that video card. PCI or PCI-E.

    The problem, I almost ran in to on my new Dell, is that if you video card requires power from the PSU, Dell to save money, makes the extra power cables from the PSU, real short, so you may have to go online and buy an extender for about $10 USD. If your video card requires a power plu in to PSU make sure your PSU from Dell is atleast 302 watt, preferably 350W. You can check the specs online at Dell's site under tech specs for your desired model. Good luck. :cool: