Multi-price Flipping. Rotter?

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  1. Is everyone who trades Eurex enjoying the new style of multi-price flipping now prevalent?

    118.11 bid this morning, flipped 07 offered...small sell off, then grind back up to new highs.

    Is it Rotter and his team of mountain goats taking things to a new level...or something/someone else?
  2. Yes, i have been enjoying it for about a week now. I don't know it it Rotter or a someone else.

    Does anyone have anything to add. How long can this crap go on for.

    I heard about the flipping that went on in the schatz but this is the worst i ve seen it.
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    Flip, flop and fly..

    Who knows?!

    We are in a wide balancing area in the bund future. Kind of tug of war.
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    What is so wrong with flipping that causes people to loose $. Just watch what happens when a price hits the levels where the orders are and see how fast they are pulled off after about 10% of them are filled.
  5. The kudos attributed to Rotter is getting out of hand.

    He was big in 05, but to let you in on a secret he is now trading much smaller size. This i assume is; a) beacuse of the new flipping that has found its way into the bund (I will explain) and b) becuase a good run can only last so long!!!

    The new flipping that we are seeing is actually driven by a computer program called 'Flippertronica v.4'. Sounds funny but was actually developed by a group of Dax traders based in Gibralter.

    Although the program was thought to be incompatible with the bund becuase of the size that is traded, it has actually worked ot to be more proiftable becuase of the fact there are more independent bund traders than dax traders.

    Happy flipping:p
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    Yeah but even Flippertronica is not what it used to be. LocalKrusha 3.1 is giving it a run for its money now.

    They are only as good as the geeks who program them
  7. interesting. like the name!

    don't want to start the whole "is flipping allowed" debate my view if you've got the what you want with bids/offers/order book. people will just have to adapt as we did when the shenanigans started in 04.

    i just wonder how long locals will stick around...previously, when it was flipping bid/offer, locals realised that they probably shouldn't sit on the bid/offer.

    now locals will be discouraged from sitting anywhere within 4 ticks of the market.

    we could end up with a bund market quoted at 118.07 bid at 11 offered.

    would eurex be concerned if the locals refused to provide liquidity immediately at the market?
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    How do you know Paul Rotter is playing smaller size?
  9. First, Eurex could not give two $hit$ whether locals, cowboys or robots trade on their exchange, eitherway, their volumes are increasing and so is their P&L. Eurex have never had a down day, Rotters' had more than i've had hot dinners.

    Anyway, the firm u want to know about is called aquarius and the guy that runs it is Eastern European.

    There was a brief article about him in the August Trader Monthly

    Loving those three tick Bund flips

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    Word is Vlad Jovanovic has turned his sights on eurex

    "Flipping the script, he redirected Aquarius's purpose from creating efficiencies for the exchanges to capitalizing on their price inefficiencies. The result? Communicating now accounts for as many as 100,000 contracts a day in the CME, CBOT and LIFFE markets and averages about 2 percent of the daily volume of ICE crude and gas futures. In each of the past two years, Jovanovic claims, the firm has raked in $90 million in profits.

    "Vlad brings a different level of aggressiveness to trading than the City is accustomed to," says George Ferrari, director of sales and trading at Communicating. "He looks for the most efficient way to get from point A to point B, and no matter what, he doesn't take no for an answer."
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