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    I have a Pc with Win7 64 and 2.8g Intel core 2 quad processor and 8 mb ram running 4 screens at present which runs fine.
    I have a duplicate machine and fancy the same set up---my question is how much broadband width does this take up. I only have a 2 mb connection. Will I be ok.
    I am not concerned about saving a millisecond here or there
    can you tell I am no tecchie. thanks.

    I should add that I am looking at a couple of broker platforms , sharescope etc . I don`t know how strenuous these are

    sorry if answered elsewhere
  2. i only have 128 kb connection from my ghetto,so 2mb whould be awfully great!

    :D :D
  3. Depending on your setup.. data feeds can be very minimal:

    Example: TOS with 5 instruments up with level 2, TaS, and 1min charts.. set to real time data mode, all only consumed around 160Mb for a trade session worth of data.

    Or very heavy.. some platforms do some funky stuff with their client-server setups..

    A 2meg pipe should be fine, just don't start downloading music or browsing youtube while you trade :p
  4. Should be no problemo. Your data stream is likely only about 100K/s (maybe 500K/s in fast markets), even if you're tracking 1000 symbols in real time.
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    thanks folks--i`ll go ahead and set it up.
  6. Data feeds are really tiny in terms of usage - but there are plenty of freeware programs out there that will track your usage so you can see for yourself.
  7. Mr_You


    Right Click on the Windows Task Bar->Task Manager->Networking

    This will show you your current bandwidth being used from this individual machine.
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    didn`t know that-thanks--showing 0.5%