Multi-Order Execution

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  1. I am currently using NT8 and I am wondering if its possible to create an algorithm that when I place an order on one account, the algo when enabled will automatically place the same order on the second account.
    In example on my SIM account: I place 2 contracts at 2720.00 would it possible for an order to be simultaneously placed on say my REAL account at the same 2 contracts bidding 2720.00?

    **Not that I would do this with SIM and REAL**
  2. IAS_LLC


    Could you just launch 2 instances of your strategy? 1 logged into sim, the other logged into real?

    I assume you're trying to compare paper vs real fills?

  3. Yes, but no, I would like to one day, trade on 2 real accounts but, that is further down the road.
  4. REDP1800


    TT trading technologies will do this and alos split your order among different exchanges to reduce impact .i.e. nymex oil and ice oil at the same time
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