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    wild ... don´t worry, they do speak english ... $ 1.00 = EUR 1.15


  3. Not that cheap, $2200 USD, when you consider it comes without any monitors.
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    well ... the look quite nicely, don´t they ?
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  6. This question regards graphics cards, even though it starts out talking about operating systems.

    I'm getting ready to buy a new computer, and one of the issues is operating system. Regarding multimonitor setups, I ran across the quote below at

    "Note - Windows 2000 does not fully support multiple displays from a single graphics card. Some cards have updated drivers that work around this problem, but you may encounter problems such as windows being extended across both monitors, inability to set independent screen resolutions or color depths etc. Windows XP resolves this problem with a feature called Dualview."

    Matrox claims to have made a unique workaround for this issue. Below is a quote from their G550 site

    "The Millennium G550 supports independent resolutions and color depths, or true multi-display, under the Windows Me and Windows XP operating systems. What's more, the card offers unique support for true multi-display under Windows 2000, thereby ensuring the greatest level of functionality for this popular 2D workstation operating system. "

    Apparently WinXP addresses the multimonitor issue, while Matrox has provided a workaround for Win2k. I'd like to hear from anyone having direct experience with these issues. Does WinXP seem more stable, at least as regards multi-monitor support? Does the workaround Matrox provides resolve the Win2K issue, or is there some lingering instability? Anything else come to mind? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  7. I am looking into buying a new machine. I don't want to go through the video card installation on my own. What do you recommend? I would like to get a fairly basic home PC (like a Dell Dimension) or low end workstation with an Appian or Matrox card preinstalled . Where can I get that?
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    i´m using Matrox G450 DH under win2k pro ... absolutely no problem whatsoever


  9. Hi Wild--

    Thanks for your feedback. Some others have pointed out that certain esoteric functions of the PCI version of the Matrox G450 won't work properly unless you have an Intel chipset. Matrox themselves, in a footnote to the G450, states some compatibility issues with non Intel chipsets. They further discuss this in a footnote located at this link By the way, my understanding is that the "Intel chipset" issue regards the supporting chips on the motherboard, not the CPU itself. The INtel vs. AMD question is a separate issue.

    So I'm wondering what version of the Matrox you are using (AGP or PCI), what processor you use (AMD or Intel), and the chip set (VIA, Intel, etc.). You have a stable system that works great -- that's exactly what I want. I just want to know the details so I can specify them to the guy who is building my system.

    Also, if anyone else has comments on the stability/reliability of the G550, I'd love to hear the details (processor, chipset, etc.).

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