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  1. arjay27


    Hi guys,

    Can somebody help me.. i have only one PCIe slot and I need to run 3 monitors on it. Is there any way? aside from buying matrox graphic cards? I also have 2 pci slots available..

    thanks guys...
  2. whatisis


    I'm assuming that you have an available PCI slot in addition to the PCIe. Just place a dual-head card in the PCIe and then another video card in the PCI slot.

    Matrox sells a 4 in 1 PCI video card, but the above solution would better if you need higher end graphics for other than trading (games, video, etc).

    Next year, a new display connector standard will come out called Displayport.
    This will allow up to 4 outputs on one card. Of course, you'll have to have monitors (none available yet) which support this standard.
  3. Simplest solution is likely to be to get a pci compatible card of the same family as your pcie video card. Two outputs is common and cheap which should bring you up to four.
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    Thanks guys for the help.. will then try to add a normal PCI card first to see if its working..