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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bronks, Oct 3, 2001.

  1. bronks


    Anybody know the pros and cons of using one large monitor (plasma or the like) instead of 6 or more monitors? Seems more logical but is it feasable. Opening several browsers sounds problematic.
  2. Bronks-
    I don't think you have to open multiple browsers for multi monitors
    you just stretch it acroos, just like having one big screen
    but i'm only using 1 19'' flat someone else might be able to better answer your question
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    Currently I only use one 21" monitor, but I know that many of the better multi-monitor video cards come with software that control the desktop across several monitors. With just two monitors, Windows can handle that on its own.

    Factors to consider for one large screen versus multiple monitors might include cost and the physical space available in your office.
  4. tntneo

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    i think you are better off several flat panels (not widescreen) less cost and more space.

    remember that a widescreen is only slightly wider than a regular screen. You get nowhere near the same space with 1 widescreen than with 2 screens.
    granted, flat lcd screens are better than crtubes regular monitors.

    now, if we are talking about several flat widescreens, it is another story and I accept any donation :D

  5. bronks


    Thanks for the reply guys but maybe I should be more specific. What I had in mine was a 50 to 70 inch plasma flat screen. That should take care of the space problem ( being as you could mount it on a wall). I know they are expensive. And is there software out that could even integrate different trading platforms on to a super-sized screen.
  6. from what i understand..a screen that big might be ok for putting quotes or charts of index, but the resolution isn't very good so it would be difficult to see small moves in charts
    but i guess if you're more of a swing trader it might be ok
    did see a set up like that once, but it was in a big office..with about 10 traders...they used it for index charts and tv
  7. tntneo

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    the space problem is not really in term of size, but resolution. A bigger screen has the same resolution (these 50 or 70 inches screens) than a smaller one.
    Therefore you can not squeeze what would be on 6 screens in there (which was your original comparison).

  8. bronks


    hitachi makes a 42 inch plasma with a resolution of 1024x1024 and a contrast ratio of 700:1 which I think is comperable to smaller screens ( I'm running 1024x768 on my three 19" crt monitors for trading).
  9. I use 4 monitors on one computer and two on the other using the cheapest video cards and 17" monitors I could buy. I've never had a problem with them. It never made sense to me to spend a lot of money on monitors to display charts. I have another setup for video work and it has the best money can buy. Whole different ball game.
  10. tntneo

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    precisely. it is the same resolution, therefore you do not have more space (OK a little more because it is widescreen).
    so, several 4:3 flat screens are better than one widescreen.. that's all I am saying.
    I have a feeling size was mistaken with resolution. size does not matter (just kidding :) ) number of pixels matter.

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