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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by savage, May 14, 2002.

  1. savage


    Can anyone recommend a decent PCI multi monitor video card? I have an AGP card all ready and would like to add another card in a PCI slot to drive 2-4 more monitors.


  2. Whamo


    I use an Appian X4 after having issues w/ lower end ATI cards and a Radeon VE. I was getting memory errors that were shutting down my system (Dell Precision 530 P4). Was told by another trader that back then Intel was telling him that they only recommended the X4 in a Pentium 4 machine if you wanted to run multiple monitors. I didn't check into the validity of this because I already had issues and needed a solution. Been happy w/ the X4 for about 9 months. Expensive though...
  3. I suggest you look at the matrox g450 dualhead pci card. I'm running the agp and a pci version to drive 4 monitors and have had no problems with them.

    Sorry, one problem, They wouldn't run on an amd chipset for me, had to use an intel chipset. There are several threads here on dual monitors and multi monitor setups, look them up, they are very informative.

  4. Whamo


    Chuck, are you running the matrox on a pentium 4? How much memory? thanks!
  5. nitro


    I own these Matrox MM cards:

    2) G200 MMS Quads
    1) G450 Dual
    1) G550 Dual DVI

    All are outstanding for their time.

    One of the digital quads is in with the G550 dual DVI on a P7 dual Xeon - no problems.

  6. just21


    matrox launched a triple head card today with a 512 bit gpu, whatever that is, it's called a parehlia 512. Apparently it's very fast.
  7. nitro


    Yeah, I saw that.

  8. Looking into either of these as a possible solution. Like the ability to drive 4 DVI monitors.