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  1. Several years ago I installed a Matrox G200 MMS video card in an older Dell Computer, to operate 4 monitors. It has worked well.

    I'm just getting started in upgrading my computer. Will probably get a new Dell. I'm wondering when I do whether I can re-install the Matrox G200 MMS video card in the new computer.

    I notice that the Matrox website does not show the G200. Either I didn't look hard enough or they don't support it anymore. Any problems with reinstalling the G200?

  2. Running g350 on newer Dell no problems
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    g200 mms has a pci bus.

    yes, as long as your motherboard has an available PCI slot.
  4. I'm running a Matrox G450 dual PCI on a Dell 4600. I use the motherboard video out as well and that allows for 3 monitors total. Downloaded software from Matrox site for the card and works perfect. I bought another G450 PCI on Ebay ($21 - two months ago) for a spare or I could add 2 more monitors for five total. These are good cards and they allow for 1 DVI monitor if you so desire.
  5. if you get vista you will have problems. all video cards in a vista machine must run the same driver.
    i bought a vista machine with a geforce 8300. my g450 was not compatible with the nvidia card.
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    buy all you video cards with the same maker

    i got 2 nvidias running on my new computer

    new computer---
    - 1 pci express dual
    -1 PCI dual
    4 monitors

    old comp

    ati dual pci
    ati dual pci
    4 monitor

    total running 8 displays
  7. Gotcha. And try as I might I can't find a computer that doesn't force Vista on me. And I did read an article about needing the same video cards when operating Vista.

    Assuming I had the 512 MB Nividia Geforce 8800, what else do I need to run 4 monitors?

  8. I'm getting sick of buying into the bloat-ware. Just read an article that claimed to run Vista efficiently with your apps you may need at least 4 GIGS of RAM! WTF? 8 would be better! Jesus..8 freaking GIGS! And that's just to get it loaded.

    20 yrs ago i could land a shuttle on moon with 512K :D

    Is LINUX a viable alternative for trading software. Can it be made to work? I hate inefficient use of resources and have an uneasy feeling that VISTA is FULL OF IT!
  9. Dell Vostro still has a WinXP option. I just set one up for my cousin... it seems to be OK all around.

    For a 2nd video card, look for another GeForce... in a PCI model.

    Or, you could sell your GeForce on eBay and get more than enough for it to buy 2 x dualhead Quadro NVS's..
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