Multi monitor video card question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bigmrfrank, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. I recently bought a monster workstation. A dual core, dual CPU opteron with 4 gigs of ram. One thing I cheesed out on was the video set up. I got it with a dual dvi card for use with my existing 2 monitors. I just ordered an 8 monitor array. The motherboard is a Tyan with these slots .......

    PCI Express x16 X 2
    PCI-X Slots (64-bit 133MHz) X 1
    PCI-X Slots (64-bit 100MHz) X 2
    PCI Slots X 1

    The dual head card that came installed is in the x16. So now I need 3 more cards.

    Which slots should I put them in? Does it matter? Another x16 and 2 PCI-X? 100 or 133MHz?

    Also, will XP Pro and/or Nvidia recognize the 8 monitors once installed or do I need some after market software to get full independent array functionality?

    THX all in advance.
  2. traderb


    I'll assume you have the K8WE mobo. Try a pair of Matrox QID LP PCIe in the x16 slots and use the SE drivers for them. This set up works for me.