Multi-monitor stand for seven screens

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  1. I'm browsing around the various multi-monitor stands offered by Ergotron, iMount, Quadvision, Keyzone etc but am unable to find a stand that allows me to have three screens in a top row centered over a row of four screens. Basicly a system that's flexible for more than six screens.

    I swear I've seen a system which sort of had a wide arc at the back - does this ring a bell with anyone? It does seem like iMount may be able to do it - I am sending them an email.

    Also worth noting is the low pricing of iMount - if you're interested they seem quite a bit lower than anything else I've seen.
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    You might try

    they have a eight monitor system but it seems to have sliding mounts so you could try mounting less if needed.

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  3. Thanks, that sure looks sweet. Doesn't seem like it's released just yet, and I have a feeling it will be a tad expensive. (I wonder why I care as I'm just ordering pc-parts many times more expensive).
  4. maybe... maybe not...

    HTH in someway... but i don't think they sell the mount separate from the monitors

    <img src="">
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    RE: iMount

    I have an iMount stand for three screens.

    I cant advise on the combination that you'll need to support seven monitors, but I will suggest looking at an eight screen system - Yes it'll cost you the price of another monitor, but I guess the cost of the additional graphics card support would be marginal.

    [I use Matrox g200; picked them up from eBay for circa 30GBP - they support 4 screens each and fit into a PCI slot rather that PCIe. There is a "stuttering" effect when clicking and dragging etc, but they are only thirty quid. And, importantly for me, all I had to do was plug them in, no farting around with drivers etc...}

    I suggest this as then you can simply buy two 4x4 stands rather than engineering some archaich system. Furthermore - and don't take this as any judgement of your trading - two 4x4 stands are a much more liquid asset to sell if it all goes tits up; this is business after all.

    One thing I will highlight is the monitor size capabilities...

    I am using 3 x LG 19" monitors. When I first ordered the stand, I did not order the extention arms as the website stated I would not need them. However, when I mounted the monitors alongside one another, they didn't fit. I emailed iMount (I never got hold of them on the phone) and told them of my situation. They sent out arm extenders immediately and I got them the next day (bear in mind I'm in London too), after which everything works fine.

    As an aside, you do get what you pay for. Yes they are cheap, but they are a little flimsy to go with it. If you are considering clamping them to a desk, you will experience some "leaning" and wobble forward of the arm, and they don't quite line up perfectly. Washers from B&Q will sort it. Or bolt them into the wall (unless your in offices, how often are you going to move a 6+ setup around????).

    As I think of it, I did have an issue with paying for the bloody thing. I tried to pay via Paypal AND their website C.C. system, but neither worked first time. Anyway; they didn't charge me twice, they seem like a good bunch of guys - and if you go to their website (as opposed to eBay) you can get delivery free. I bought mine in Jan as part of a home office setup, so the info is pretty recent.

    If you are interested i will take some photo's of the arms "in action", so you can see what you're getting.

    At the end of the day, with seven (or eight) screens you must accept there will be some tweaking to do to get them just how you want them. Perhaps you will have to do more tweaking with iMount stands than others - but I've finished tweaking mine and I'm happy to say that they do their job well.
  7. Thanks for your detailed reply, MrGecko. Perhaps you're right, and that two four-screen stands might be the best way forward.

    I'm planning to use this with 2 pc's, where one will run six screens using two Quadro NVS 440 cards from Nvidia.

    I already have 4 20.1" monitors from Viewsonic, which I was planning to use at the bottom, with some slightly smaller screens at the top. I have 3 18" (or 19", not sure).

    Yes, I was thinking of clamping the stands to my desk - not sure what to think of the wobbling you mention... hm... Is it solid and "safe"?

    If you really would be so kind as to take a few pictures, I'd be very grateful. Marketing pictures only say so much, so I'd love it if you get a few good pics (one of the desk clamping would be nice).
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