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    I figure I can buy three 23" monitors for $7-800. Plus a stand, maybe $1000 total? Why is this so expensive:
    I saw it at the local microcenter store...looks great, but why not just get some individual monitors and take them out of the plastic shell and mount them close together to get the look of a thin bezel?
  2. Because they can?
  3. Some alternatives:

    I believe they rely on local distribution partners to sell in each country.

    A year ago, I paid 150€ for the four monitor stand. This included shipping from the Netherlands (where European distributor is located) to southern Europe (where I am).
  4. Shouldn't worry about the bezel. You can get monitors with a bezel of .5-.7".. put 2 of them side-by-side... and before long, you won't even notice the bezel at all. (I have black background on charts.. and the bezels are silver.... don't notice them unless I focus on them.)

    Monitor stands for side-by-side are almost ridiculous. All you pick up are some aesthetics plus a tiny bit of space under the monitors. And what would you put in that space? Clutter, mostly.
  5. LOL! A neat factor. Don't they sell some 6 x 1 monitor stands? :)
  6. Haven't see that many... but just imagine weight perhaps >60 pounds to each side of center...
  7. I just spent $750 for 4 - 23" HD LCD monitors and a pedestal stand.
    The reason people charge more is because other people will pay the price and not shop around.
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    Thanks for posting this. I'm looking at getting a multiple-monitor setup soon. Lots of different guys to choose from; like how you can custom order here. cheers!
  9. Anyone found a 5 or 6 rack for 28 inch+ monitors?
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