Multi monitor set up and Win 2000 Pro.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by luk122, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. luk122


    Is it possible to set up multiple monitors on Win 2000 Pro? if yes, how? Thanks.
  2. gnome


    Oh yes. Many on ET have it. If you want only 2 monitors, you can either have 2 single cards or one dualhead.

    Best thing for you is to state how many monitors you want to run and how many slots you want to devote to it. You'll likely learn of at least a couple of solutions. (There are advantages to running singles, but you have to be willing to commit your PCI slots. More than one multiple head cards are trickier.)
  3. wallaby



    As gnome said it depends on what you want to do, ie how many monitors you want to run and also how much you are prepared to spend. Costs range from cheap, if you are happy to use old PCI cards and fill your slots, or you can purchase multi-head cards from Matrox, Appian or any other provider, which are more expensive. The only catch with using some older PCI cards is that it can be difficult to know in advance whether they will work - some do, others don't want to ; some older ones will, while some slightly newer ones won't.

    Installation is easy, you just plug one card into your mboard, boot up, see if windows recognises it [may have to load the appropriate driver if windows doesn't fully], and then repeat for however many cards. You can configure your layout in the "settings" tab of the "display" setup in the control panel.

  4. zxcv1fu


    I have WIN2000Pro with 2 video cards (for fault toerance: if 1 card fails I still have anothe card)

    My computer activity log shows:

    bought video card PNY Verto Vanta 16MB SDRAM PCI,
    bought another monitor
    install the new monitor with the old AGP card as the primary monitor, install the old monitor with the new PCI card as the secondary monitor, start PC, Del to do the BIOS setup, Advanced, PCI Configuration, Primary VGA BIOS, AGP card, F10, re-boot, Control Panel, Display, Settings, highlight the “2”, click Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor, OK
    Use 1024x768

    Hope this helps!
  5. luk122


    thaks a lot guys. I apprecaite the help.