Multi monitor rack for 28+ inch screens

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  1. Maybe someone can help me out, I have 3x 28" freestanding monitors at the moment but want to stack 2 or 3 on top of them for more screen real estate.

    I CANNOT find a rack that can accommodate 28+ monitors.

    With the trim they are 25.6 inches across and 17.5 inch high.

    I like the monitors I am using now since they are only 3ms and a hell of a value and I really don't want to downsize just to go to a 5-6 stack.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't think they make stock ones that accommodate over 24". What you will have to do is buy the wall mounts for each monitor, attach to the wall each one separately rather than them attached to a stand. That way you can use as many as the wall fits.
  3. Yea I found someone who will do it 'custom'. But it is north of 5k, so I think Ill just have to go with 5 or 6 wall arms.
  4. $5K? Articulating wall mounts for TVs can be as low as about $80 each. Static mounts, with only tilt function, cost $25-$30. How does $5K come into the picture for that?
  5. No it is a custom full mount, not an articulating arm. He builds it to fit your screens, etc. At the point you are spending more for the rack however, I feel like I am missing something.

    Yea I am just going to get 5 wall mountable arms. for 200-300.
  6. They don't have to be wall arms. That can get messy. If it were me, I'd buy the right size piece of wood or Plywood, properly attach it to some wall supports and then use some Tilting LCD TV/Monitor Mounts. You should be able to put it together for under $250. Just make sure the Wood is attached to something that can handle the weights!

  7. If you're up to it, you can do this:

    Go to Home Depot and buy some pipe, pipe flanges, fittings, couplings, etc.

    You can look in both electric and plumbing departments.

    You will probably need larger diameter pipe at the bottom and you can reduce the size as you go higher.

    You'll need three connection points of which at least one will be on the floor. Hopefully you have a wall or ceiling close by to which you can attach some lumber to connect the pipe flange.

    A fun Sunday project probably for the cost of one monitor stand.
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  9. If you don't need the "neat" factor, and want to be practical, and your desk is... say... flushed against the wall with no window...

    Get a 5/8" fiber board from Home Depot, cut to size. Figure out a way to fix the board on your desk and to the wall. Get 6 small VESA wall mounts which allow tilt and pan.

    Under $200. Versus $5000.
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