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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by listedguru, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. I am running (2) 15" LCD's and just last night added a third 17" CRT that I had laying around. My (2) LCD's are running using a Matrox Dual headed card and have always worked fine.

    Last night I added a single video card in the PCI slot to power the 17" CRT but I am having a slight problem. Everytime I power down the computer and restart it my settings on the 17" don't save. What I mean is I have to resize the screen to fit the monitor so I don't see any black lines.... Any idea whats going on? Maybe it's not possible to use a 17" CRT along with 15" LCD's?

    Any ideas,

  2. With more information there may be help for this problem.

    Here's some direction -
    What is the PCI card manufacturer?
    Are you using their latest drivers or Windows Plug and Play?
    What operating system?

    I'd always try to go to the web and get the latest drivers for the video card manufacturer and retry.

    Good Luck.
  3. I went right to the manufacturers website last night and downloaded their latest driver. The card is made by PNY but they direct you to the Nvidia website to download the latest driver.


    P.S. I should be running this monitor at it's native resolution correct? I believe thats a different resolution than I am currently running my 15" LCD's at....

    Oh and I am running Win2K
  4. MarkB


    It's possible that the CRT requires you to save the settings you've set for that resolution, before you power it down. Not through the PC, but with the monitor's controls. I've had several monitors like that, they had memory slots which allowed you to save settings on screen sizing and positioning for each resolution you might choose to run.

    I don't think this is too common anymore, but you said the monitor was laying around, so maybe it's a little older?

    I remember hooking up a monitor which I hadn't used in quite some time and facing the exact same thing, until I remembered that I had to find a save option on the monitor's menu.

    You could play with the monitor's controls to see if you can spot such a thing, if you no longer have the manual. Or look it up by model number online, either at the manufacturer's site or via Google.
  5. keeda


    It is good practice to use the same manufacturer for video cards to cut down on the possible incompatibilities between drivers/cards (Nvidia and Matrox). The fact that you have LCD's and a CRT shouldn't matter at all. Monitors are output only (much like stero speakers—you can mix and match all you want. what is key is the source).