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    I am trying to configure a multi-monitor setup. My motherboard is an abit pro and my cards are ati radeon and geforce 8500. I am getting this error on both work and home computers. The work computer has an intel on-board motherboard with a ge6200 card and I can't get all monitors to work.

    I attached the errors I am getting when I try to configure all 4 monitors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    And here is error image no 2
  3. By "onboard", do you mean "onboard video chip"?

    It's no surprise that your ATI and GeForce cards do not work together... to run 4 monitors, better generally to stick with Nvidia. ATI is generally not in the "multi-card display" market.

    Try running two GeForce cards.

    It's possible you will not be able to get 4 monitors to run on your mobo.... it's up to the BIOS.
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    Gnome, thanks for your comments.

    My mobo works with 2 cards because I used to have 2 pci ati radeon 9000 and was able to get 4 monitors. Now I got a pci-e ge force 8500gt because my computer sometimes froze with the two ati's. It is now running a pci ati radeon 9000 and a pci-e ge force 8500gt. Because of this upgrade, I am getting these errors and can't get more than 2 monitors to work. I mentioned my work machine because they have the exact same error but totally diferent configs.

    My bios is updated by the way. I might just have to go back to my original settings if I can't fix this problem.
  5. I wasn't thinking about your BIOS being updated, but not being configured to allow what you want... if that's the case, you're out of luck. (Just because your computer worked with 2, PCI cards does not mean it will necessarily work with 1 PCIE and one PCI.. especially if different brands.)

    Part of the reason your PCI ATI 9000s worked is because they are "low end".. which is actually good in many multi-card setups... it means they are "tolerant" of other cards.

    I can think of a few card combos to try, none of which is assured to work... but I'd definitely stop trying to run an Nvidia and ATI card together..
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    You can't run 2 separate company cards. Either do both ATI or both Nvidia.
  7. Vista requires all video cards to use the same driver.
    XP does not... Your only shot to get these two different video cards is to run under XP and fiddle with drivers. trial and error.
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    Thanks guys. Since my mobo has only one pci-e slot I won~t be able to run two ge forces so I might just have to fork off a sli compatible motherboard to do the job right. Thanks for all feedback so far.
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    You can always buy a Quad Nvidia card which will run 4 moni's on one card.