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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by robangnic, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. robangnic


    Thanks for your last advice gnome.
    I will need to get a multi monitor card. I'm sure there are poor to excellent quality cards out there. Which card has the best reputation for quality. Will this be all I need to set up dual or even triple monitors. I know there are 2, 3 and evn more monitor cards. Initially I'm only going to set up two but one never knows I may want to add some later. Are triple and quad cards a lot more expensive or in your opinion worth just going ahead and installing them from the get go?
  2. gnome


    You'll want to use dualheads for the lower cost... (triple and quad heads are MUCH more expensive), but you have to get the right ones for you mobo... they come in PCIEx16, PCIEx1, and PCI.

    I like Nvidia Quadro NVS line of cards... they are designed for trading-like functions and multi-monitor display. If you're going to run 30" monitors, 2560x1600 res, you'll want Nvidia Quadro FX570 cards.

    What brand and model is your computer?