multi-currency futures with IB, when ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by sabena, Mar 22, 2002.

  1. sabena



    When is the launch expected for the multi-currency futures
    accounts ?

    Brains from Brussels.
  2. stevet


    a) when will there be a multi-currency account, that means that the same account money could automatically be used to trade on the cme, liffe and eurex - so that the margin does not have to be applied from seperate acccounts in the currency of the product traded - b) and also when could the one account also be used for futures and stocks
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    Hey Def,

    Are you still around ??
  4. Getting a little impatient Sabena?
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    I don't have much patience.

    Def, I will sent the FBI after you....:0))
  6. Aaron


    I've heard that Man Financial provides multicurrency futures accounts. I wonder if it is coming soon at IB or just on the "wish list."

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    FBI - funny. They'll have to come a long ways to find me: Obviously I am unable to read every thread on this forum and miss a few questions here and there, so thanks for the slack.

    Be forewarned, I'm on a flight to Korea tomorrow afternoon and will probably not be near a PC till Tuesday.

    Back to what you have asked for....


    1. The All in one account is in the testing phase. Some of the framework behind the scenes has already been released. Do not pin me on an exact date but the time is fast approaching as the project has a high priority.

    2. Moving Globex Stop limit orders to the Globex server is probably less than a week away. Programming is complete and real time tests are being conducted.
  8. sabena


    Thanks Def,

    You keep us updated of the developments
  9. Def, does this mean IB will accommodate Korea's Kospi 200 futures & options trading on TWS available to retail clients in the near future? I hope this will come true by this year end.
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    it just means i'm going to spend a few days korea:)
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