Multi Broker Trading automation with real time data...

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by frankl, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. frankl


    Would you be interested in a Multi Broker Automation system, that not only routes your trades to the broker, but also routes back the real time quotes from the broker to your application, including historical quotes ?

    I wonder, if there is such a system.
    TradeBullet and TradeBold don't support that... :eek:

    If there is no system, any more ideas about that ?

    I think about developing such a tool.

    Frank :cool:
  2. RedRat


    Do not mix up real time data and historical data. There are data providers which can provide you both with historical and real time data, say IQFeed, ESignal, IB TWS. Most of brokerages give you real time data.

    If you need a tool to trade multiple brokerages consider Ninja Trader and OpenQuant. They support historical data providers to download history, up to tick data.

    There is no need of development new tool.
  3. Baywolf


    Also look at multicharts
  4. I do this with Ninja to Zen Fire, TT ( X-Trader) or any other broker that they support based on their different connection option when you start up the multi broker software version.

    Pretty nice feature and helps with the managed futures business. Trade well.