Multi Broker software which offers non-professional data fees?

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  1. Hi,

    I have a funded Margin Future account with interactive broker and subscribed to their RT data feeds as a non professional investor. Fees for the future echanges like CBOT and Globex are therefore very low. A few dollar each per months.

    Now, I am not happy with the Trading Workstation software and would also like to have a data feed which provides me tick data for the major future exchanges. IB only provides filtered data and the history only goes back one day if I am not mistaken.

    So I was wondering if there is a multi broker software which allows me to connect my IB account and also get low non-professional exchange fees for realtime prices?

    Thanks for you help
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  2. Metamega


    I feel like if I was trading futures, IB be my last choice, unless your trading stocks and forex as well. Seems like world of futures has a lot of options for introducing brokers and trading tools options.
  3. Thanks Metamega. I am with them fo rmore than 10 years and dont want to move away from IB.

    Any other options?
  4. Metamega


    Could look at IQFeed. Most modern software allow brokerage/ data fee combinations.
  5. Curious -- why?
  6. Metamega


    Cost, tools, support.... For instance you could hook up with sponsor here Matt at Optimus Futures, get some more tailored support.Most these brokers will hook you up with software packages for free/small fee. So you got multicharts, Sierra charts, TT, Motivewave, etc. CQG/Rithmic tick data feed vs 250 S snapshot.

    Like I said. I don’t do futures, but theirs plenty of tailored options it looks like.
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  7. Thank you guys. As I said, I have no flexibility to leave IB.

    Therefore I am still looking for a solution which provides me a proper trading software to replace TWS and and connects me to a data feed at a resonable price with non-professional fess. I trade futures only. Mostly ES and ZN minis.

    Any other recommendations?
  8. shfly


    I use as my front end with IB, trade YM & stocks.

    I'm using Quotestream Connect for equities only, appx $290/year, no issues, I use IB's feed for futures. Not sure what Quotestream would be charging for futures. Link on the site for getting to Quotestream.

    Hope this helps.