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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I would like to get your feedback on some ideas I am thinking off.


    I have a trading system (developed in TradeStation) for FX, I am executing it manually and doing very well for the last 2 years
    I trade 3 of the Big 6 pairs, my trading is intraday (though I may carry a position on every once in a while for more then a day.

    Have 2 accounts (one with Gain Capital and another one with GFT) , the reason I use 2 accounts is that I tried to do some comparison between several firm and ended up with these 2 (I am sure that their better ones out there , but also worse J )

    Lately (in the last 6 month) I have been asked by friends and family to manage their money (nothing big, 5 accounts each 60K)

    The problems is that of the accounts are not under one block so what I need to do every time I get a signal from my TS I need to go into 7 accounts (2 mine + 5 I manage) and place the orders manually)

    My system is not hyper active, but you can imagine that even if it shoots out 2 signals a day then going into 7 account located in different FX brokers is not easy nor fast enough (and has much has I try every once in a while I will enter a wrong order- this happens when I get a fast day with many signals)

    What I would like to know from you (your feedback)

    A company called Strategy Runner (

    Which I know from my futures trading, has a solution for futures that allows you to automate your TS systems (they also support excel and other languages like C++, VB, Java which I don’t currently use)

    Beside automation (which I know that there some other solutions out there beside them) they offer multi-broker distribution, this means that you can have your system generate your orders/signals and then execute on multi brokers and accounts (real time)

    I had a chat with one of their head guys , and he told me (this is not officially announced) that they are coming out with an FX version of their platform that will support (to my surprise and good luck Gain, GFT and Currenex)

    I can now (I am testing this as we speak) now have my systems generate the signals from TS and then route the signals directly to Gain and GFT to all of my 7 accounts.

    They Guy in SR told me that if he sees my systems are doing well they will be able to offer my signals to the general public (for me its good since my systems stays in my PC and for the clients it makes since the signals are routed to SR servers located at the Brokers data center)

    I know of some traders that have good systems and this (assuming it works…) can be a good technology for distributing trading systems/signals in real time to multiple clients/brokers (they say that they can distribute manually placed orders/signals also)

    What do you think?

    Is there a possible catch here?

    If you are a signals provider/money manager would you use or think of using this solution?

    I have 7 accounts now,
    but If this works I can get maybe another 100 (my systems is good, not a money making machine, but very profitable)
    Who would just subscribe to the signals that would auto-execute in their account

    Thank you for you help and response
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  3. many people have told me that in order to use Strategy runner - all trades have to rest on their servers which means they can see all of the customers trades (executed or not) even the synthetics orders. Maybe Futures Man learned how to trade by looking at our 1009's at the end of the year to see who made money and how they traded -