Multi-audio service problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jesseah, Jan 7, 2010.

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    I use a few different audio services - Skype, Trade the News, Fly audio, and a chat room with audio on it. 3 of these are web based, and its alot going through 1 set of speakers (especially when they are all talking at the same time) Is there a special card and/or software that will allow me to let each service go through a different speaker? I know one solution is to run them each on a cheap PC, but I would rather not do that. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  2. wow 2008 & only 16 posts? makes me look like a tool who sits on ET all day :)

    I had a similar issue pumping all that stuff through my bloomy keyboard too. Go to Control Panel, open Sound and Audio Devices. Go to the Audio Tab and change the sound playback default device to whatever you want the TtN and Fly (and web/general default for all other stuff like You Tube, etc.) to be. You are probably going to be changing it away from the bloomberg keyboard back to the Microsoft default.

    Next, go to Skype and program it to use the Bloomberg Keyboard speakers & Microphone as the default device. This will allow you to use a headset for chats (or iPod headphones for listening) and have the news/fly stuff come out a standard speaker. Just make sure that your settings for bloomberg stay with the keyboard or it gets very unhappy.

    You can change the individual default settings for speakers in AIM/Skype/ooVoo to whatever you want - its under settings, audio and there is a dropdown that will allow you to choose between your PC and the Bloomberg keyboard.

    I ended up running all my voice chats through a headset/bloomberg keyboard and then all the other stuff through the Dell speaker bar that came with the monitor.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Winston, but I that only slightly helps me accomplish what I am trying to do. Currently my Skype audio comes out of the bloomberg keyboard. What I would then like to do is have fly audio to come out of 1 set of speakers. I would like ttn audio (web based) to come out of a seperate speaker, and my chat room audio (which is also web based) to come from another seperate speaker. I also subscribe to another service that is web based that would be ideal to have its own speaker as well. Basically I'd like each web page to have its own set of speakers. Is this possible?
  4. I'll ask someone and if I don't get back to you on here I'll send it to you eventually.

    The major issue is that I don't believe MSFT has a way to tell two web-based programs to go to different audio drivers - I think IE goes to only one default device. I'm not sure if Mozilla will allow you to choose something different.

    Another solution is remote desktop (which can stay minimized) if you wanted to stack two computers side by each.