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  1. I trade two accounts at Oanda, but the problem is my account performs better than the other person's account I manage.
    I sometimes take bigger positions in my account and riskier trades but it also has to do with the time delay it takes me to take the same position in each account, even 5 seconds can make a difference, and that's for multi day trading. Also sometimes I just forget I don't have the other account up on the screen. I would like to add accounts but more than 3 will be impossible with this setup.

    Is there a platform, other than IB or something that uses IB or Oanda that would fix the problem?

    I don't like IB because of their extremely poor interface for FX, especially the account positions that don't look like what I am accustomed to , from other FX brokers. Also I like the flexibility of trading any size, 10 K 5K even 3K as I scale in and out.

    Finally, I was wondering how small FX managers make a decent living, since few people will keep an account higher than 100 k(to trade for ex up to 1 M) that's only $2000 im mgmt fees, and let's say 20% of the profit on 15K, lands you $5000 TOTAL.

    OK , but the thing is most people won't keep 100 k at a FX broker, I wouldn't, there is no need for it . Actually someone with a 1 M portfolio would be fine with a 20 % exposure to FX, so 200 K positions for which a 30-50k K account is enough IMO.

    So what 's the average account size or minimum for new FX managers, CTA's ?
  2. To solve your first problem, if you like Oanda why don't you use their FXManager? It's a simple but versatile money managers front end and identical in appearance and functionality to FXTrade. You can trade up to 25 individual accounts from one balance (they may have increased that now) and adjust proportions for each account individually to allow for different risk profiles, it works great.

    As for the the average account size of a new manager, I don't think there is one! New managers need to build up their reputation first, the fund will grow fast enough if they're any good.

    Get some exposure on various performance tracking websites, in fact someone is doing a small one for Oanda managers here, that would be a start.
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    I agree FXManager at OANDA will solve your queries and it is just as simple to use as the regular platform. Has all your fee structures as well as trade proportioning.