Mulple brokers, multiple CME data fees?

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    I am new to Futures, and it's very very complex compared to Forex... o_O
    I currently have an account at AMP Futures and I pay $15 of CME data fee each month. If I open another account at Interactive Brokers, do I still pay another $15 for CME data? It's duplicate cost! Not fair..... Is there any way I can avoid this duplicate cost?
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    Umm...Yeah, whatever. Nothing in life is fair. No, you cannot avoid the extra $15 by going with two separate broker-feeds.

    You are whining about an extra $15 per month. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    Here, listen to some music or something.

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    Thank you for the link. It says "There is no requirement to subscribe to market data in order to trade and customers are free to receive market data from another IB account or data vendor."
    I am not sure if it means I can connect my CME live feed (purchased through AMP Futures) to IB TWS..... Any idea?
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  5. What you could consider is to use the feed at AMP and look at the futures instrument you're interested in. Then place your futures orders at IB. Whether this works depends on your trading system of course.
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  6. Robert Morse

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    This all seems oddly complicated. Why not just use one broker?
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    Yes, that makes sense to me. Actually, that's because I wanted to use TradingView for charting (I don't like charting in IB, their charting is flawed), and TradingView only supports CQG brokers for live CME feed. Anyway, it's resolved now. TradingView will directly support IB in this year! Hallelujah! :D

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  8. A new guy.

    I immediately guessed you were from Korea based on your avatar and name.
    And, what do you know...I guessed Correctly. Your page says Seoul, Korea.
    Just like in trading, your initial intuition can be a powerful thing.-- if you don't constantly second guess yourself and overthink the situation.
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    Thank you for your warm hearted welcome message!
    By the way, my avatar is not related with Korea. It's a design by Susan Kare, who hired by Steve Jobs and desined original Macintosh icons.
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    If you go to two different movie theaters to see the same movie, you will have to pay twice - same principle.

    P.S. An extra $15 a month should not be a big deal to any serious trader.
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