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  1. I had the unfortunate experience of being mugged last week. Late Thursday night I was going home late from the office. Theres a short walk from the train to my apt, decent neighborhood with lights etc. crimewatch, but this late model chevy malibu stopped alongside of me and this guy got out.
    WIthout raising the revolver in his hand he asked for briefcase and all money watch.

    As far as money -nothing, I don't really where a watch, he actually returned my cell phone . . but he got all of my WORK. I store everything twice on two different flash drives on with me, and one at home.

    What do think the chances of this crook using all my strategies? What would you do?

    I guess at worst, it's just one guy gets rich if I get rich. It can't make a difference right?
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    I think after he just opened your briefcase he said "!! What a take today!
    Finally I can quit being a mugger and move up a step to the protraders world"
  3. You should had been carrying and when he turned away said hey buddy, and when he turned back around you unload all 15 from your glock 23 into that sorry POS.
  4. it's a damn good thing he didnt get your hairbrained long only strategies. He might be dumb enough to trade them, lose all the winnings from his string of armed robberies and in turn, set off a crime wave up and down the east coast.
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    Do you think he knew you were a trader and made you a specific target? If so then he has your strats, otherwise he's another clown and will sell the stuff for drug money.
  6. Well, let's see, you had no money; you had no watch; you take a train to work, and live in an apartment in a "decent" neighborhood. I don't think you have too much to worry about.
  7. Highly doubt it. I don't really dress nice to work. My briefcase sorta looks business style though.

    If I was spending time casing armed robbery victims I'd go for bigger prospects.

    I mean he got my comp. at most 1200 dollars, it was password protected . .

    But that flashdrive you can stick in anything and come up with a hundred different reports that I feel like anyone could read.

    Just knowing there might be one guy out there that can copy your testing drives me NUTS . ..

    I think I'm calling it a day.
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    Sorry you had to go through that experience. You should consider yourself lucky that nothing worse came of it. My mother had a gun pulled on her while taking the train to work a year ago, but this is the first time I've heard of a drive-by mugging.

    On the brighter side I don't think you have to worry about your strategies being used, if the guy has to mug people to get by then he is probably not smart or financed enough to use the information in your briefcase in the first case. I also seriously doubt he belongs to the right social circles where he could sell the information.

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    What do think the chances of this crook using all my strategies? What would you do?

    This is one of the stupidiest things I have ever read in this forum.
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