Mueller report to be released on Thursday

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  1. So, I wonder if the court is still going to hear Nadler's case to order the report to be released? I wonder if dull Jerry wants to delay the release of the report until after the court hearing to get Barr to release the report?

    Meanwhile, let's go with the radical idea that Barr said- a while back- it would be released within a couple weeks and he is releasing it just as he said, and yes, the legally protected material will be redacted just as he said.

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    Barr looked at the calendar and decided the best day to release it would be the day before Good Friday on Easter weekend.

    Barr is doing the best he can to 1. Protect Trump and 2. Cover his ass for that memo.

    HeLmEtS oN.
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  3. Then apparently Mueller and Rosenstein are too because they have worked with Barr on the decision to prosecute or not prosecute Trump and they are also part of the decision making team on the redactions.

    It is true that Mueller handed the prosecution decision over to Barr but that nevertheless is working with him. He willfully and in his best judgement handed it over to Barr. Barr did not usurp it. And Barr made his decision in reliance upon Muellers conclusions about the sufficiency of the evidence or lack thereof.

    Yeh, I know. Inconvenient truths there above.
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    Rosenstein, yes. You’ve vilified Rosenstein but time and time again where he could he came out on Trump’s side.

    Mueller, maybe. I don’t know. I want to see his team’s summaries and memos.
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  5. No way. Unless you think wearing a wire would have been to help Trump.

    Rosenstein is trying to get out of the DOJ with getting the Andy treatment. He could have continued to ding trump and split if the Elf had still been there but he got shit-canned and Barr arrived. Barr recused from absolutely nothing. He had both Mueller and Rosenstein reporting to him per the department lines of authority. Both Mueller and Rosenstein want to continue on with there planned dump and then end their involvement. Barr took charge and there was no hit and run allowed. Plus Rosenstein is in the crosshairs of Barr and was involved in all the political actions of the FBI/DOJ. He knows he better stay on the right side of Barr if he is there and especially after he leaves when and as the investigations turn toward looking at internal investigations that went bad. Rosenstein will work with Barr to continue to go after McCabe and all the others but only to protect himself. If he gets pissy and shitty about Barr after he leaves, he will pay a price as Andy did.

    Rosenstein coming out on Trump's side time and again as you said? Never. He is weasel and the very epi-center of the swamp.
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    The walls....
    They are closing in....
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    Tsing Tao

    A bombshell coming tomorrow! It's the beginning of the end.
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  8. Make no mistake, the left will slice and dice this thing to fit the narrative. Words, phrases and sentences will be selected, strewn together out of context and viola, a conspiracy will appear. Let the hand wringing begin.
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    Already there is a new conspiracy.
    Barr is a Russian Stooge...

    The Dems have jumped the shark - completely...
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