Mueller is now questioning ЯNC officials

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    Your mother.
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    Tom B

    He has been to Epstein's pedo island.
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    yep... but this is the type of info... the major fake news sites never let a lefty like piezoe see or they minimize it as much as the can... or they cover it in an off kilter way... such as blaming the secret service.

    clinton was the pedo express with epstein 26 times and ditched the secret service many of those times.

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  4. piezoe


    Many have been to the island of Lesbos. How many were Lesbians? We have no way of knowing. So undaunted by a lack of factual information, why not assume they all were.
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    Ha ha ha, Fox news, certainly a very reliable source and expert in sexual harassment I would say, wouldn't you? The only source I can think of that would be even more reliable is that group of Russian Hackers operating out of a St. Petersburg hotel room.

    Let's just wait until at least one of those under age girls comes forward , shall we. Since there were obviously hundreds of underage girls Clinton raped, shouldn't take long for at least one to show up on Fox News! Or better yet cell phone photos of the Clinton rapes of underage girls in David Pecker's "National Enquirer" ; I mean what could possibly be more reliable than that?, unless of course its a full on disclosure on the Alex Jones radio show.

    You guys are truly pathetic!
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    Tom B

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  7. Unlike the Isle of Lesbos, Pedo Island is a little private island owned by Epstein. I am going to guess that if you go there, the theme sort of centers around what Epstein likes to do. We know he was there at least 26 times from flight and secret service records. Can you think of anything that would cause Bubba to return there at least 26 times? If you said the all-you-can- eat- smorgasbord and buffet you would be right.
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  8. Hehehhe. looks like Bubba is out hunting with his double-barreled slingshot again, as Granny on the Beverly Hill Billies used to call it. Wayyyyyy to go Bubba. A Man for All Seasons.
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  9. That would have been a great debate question, if one of the debate monitors asked Hillary if she was aware that Bubba had been to Pedo Island 26 times?
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