Mueller is now questioning ЯNC officials

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  1. Mueller's team to question former RNC officials on Russia

    Members of Robert Mueller's team have begun reaching out to former Republican National Committee staff who were familiar with the digital operations of the Trump campaign, according to a source with knowledge of the outreach. The only outreach I can confirm happened recently.
    • Yahoo News' Michael Isikoff first reported that Mueller's prosecutors are interested in "the party digital operation that worked with the Trump campaign to target voters in key swing states."
    • Isikoff adds: "They are seeking to determine if the joint [RNC-Trump campaign] effort was related to the activities of Russian trolls and bots aimed at influencing the American electorate..."
    • Isikoff says some of these interviews have already happened.
    Context: Congressional investigators have had lots of questions for campaign digital alums, including senior official Brad Parscale. They've also interviewed Alexander Nix, president of Cambridge Analytica (a firm that worked on data issues for the campaign).

    The collusion theory-of-the-case that's held most widely in Washington is that if any collusion happened, it would have been through Trump's data operation. There's no public evidence the data team did anything wrong.

  2. I heard that one of Jared's friends from college had Kasperky anti-virus loaded on his computer. See what I'm sayin? His ass is grass and Mueller is a lawnmower. I sure hope he is able to negotiate a plea deal.

    Meanwhile, the Ruskies allegedly hacked the DNC and the FBI requested access to their computers to look for fingerprints. The DNC just said FUCK YOU ARSEWIPES, GO TALK TO CROWDSTRIKE WHICH WE CONTROL AND SEE WHAT THEY WANT TO GIVE YOU. Did the FBI get a warrant to search the computers and get access? NO. They just said "crowdstrike is a good firm so we just looked at their findings and conclusions.

    Compare this with the witch hunt they are doing at the RNC.

    The moral of the story - of course- is that if you are ever being investigated by the FBI it is good to be getting one of those "HQ SPECIALS" that Hillary got. Them HQ SPECIALS be good. You get a good nights sleep when you get one of those.
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  3. exGOPer


    This has to be a parody account

    WHATABOUT is the only thing it does.
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  4. jem


    this is exactly correct.
    the FBI backed off and let who knows what kind of crimes go unpunished.
    then they brought a third party data firm create a report.
    that firm had all sorts of questionable ties and assumptions.
    Then it turns out the CIA "lost" one of hits hacking tools which can be used to make it look like the russians did the hacking. and debbie wassermans brother was in charge of the DOJ team heading the investigation.

    And yet not a single dnc troll has a problem with this.
    Partisan commies showing their stripes.
    Party before country.

  5. exGOPer


    DNC were VICTIMS of a crime aka hack

    RNC colluded with Russians to commit a crime

    Apples and Oranges

    And bringing in third parties when it comes to hacked servers is common because nobody wants their entire database in the hands of the government

    When NYTimes was hacked, they did exactly the same thing, hired a FBI approved third party to conduct the analysis.

    Low info Con trolls know no details, don't understand the situation or the context but are eager to rage about absolutely nothing as usual.

    Idiocy before everything else is their motto.

  6. Indeed. One of the complicating factors too- when trying to find unauthorized access- is that things are so loose in regard to security in DC that there is a lot unauthorized database entry the old fashioned way- ie. just get someone's password. That does not leave traces of nasty hacking code, etc.

    Take the Anwan crew for example. Wasserman either gave them direct access to passwords to access the DNC or enabled it through gross negligence. Those clowns lived to convert anything they could to cash so what are the chances that they did not traffic in either passwords or the information that could be gained by having access. And then they had Debbie out there like a pitbull to protect them "there will be consequences" when she told the Capitol Police to back the frig off and give her back the computers they were looking at.

    And of course Hillary's server was cranking away connecting to the DNC and to her lawyer who was working for both the DNC and Fusion. What a mess. And the FBI could not go after Anwan too hard while there was a dem regime because they were tied to Wasserman who chaired the DNC which was essentially owned by Hillary after they picked it up in a bargain basement sale.

    In Maine, they say out on the islands that if you go back more than one generation, the family tree begins to look like a brush pile. And so it will be, if a real investigation is ever done of Camp Clinton.
  7. jem


    but the dnc trolls will never ask for the swamp to be cleaned.
    it fact that attack those who wish to see it drained.
    party and comrades before country and decency.
    good (pre) commies.

  8. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Coming from a birther troll who defends and supports a sexual predator pedophile president who supports other pedophiles and colluded with Russia to win the presidency.
  9. fhl


    Our resident pathological liar getting as many whoppers as possible in one post.
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  10. jem


    how many times you are you going to be a scumbag and say that.
    I do not doubt the legitimacy of Obama's presidency you lying piece of wasted rotted troll.
    I am therefor not a birther.

    I certainly do not support sexual predators of any kind and certainly not pedophiles.

    But... you.. you low grade scum would not even condemn Harvey Weinstein because you are a paid dnc troll.

    and I have not seen you condemn bill clinton and his pedo activities.

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