Muddy Waters

Discussion in 'Trading' started by d08, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. d08


    Is Muddy Waters Research a front for certain banking groups?
    It seems they come up with some story every now and again that pushes the value of a company down and then it gets taken private. What better way to manipulate the stock price than with this perfectly legal method of "research".
    Most recently they've played FMCN.
  2. ur liar:mad:
  3. zdreg


    he is a typical ET poster. he posts without proof. why? who knows?
    the answer to these questions should be in the psychology thread or under chit chat with the heading lack of education.
  4. d08


    The smartest people leave no proof. The only proof is that you can see what happens after they publish their "research". Assume that everything is as you've been told, carry on.