Much To My Surprise, NVS 295 Supports UHD Resolution 3840x2160

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  1. I'd posted earlier about being surprised that the NVS 310 did UHD. (The 310 came out before UHD.) Now I come to find out that the NVS 295 also supports UHD res.

    No need to spend other than small $$ for video cards in a trading rig. Buy used on eBay... prolly run 10 years or more. I spent ~$5 each for my cards to run W7 trading rigs.

    Dell currently sells the T5820 workstation with NVS 310 as an option. Don't know if 295 will run on W10, but likely will. You might give it a try before spending big bucks on a more expensive card. (Thinking it necessary, I spent ~$300 on a quad port card to run 4-mon trading rig on W10. May not have needed to do that.)

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  2. Follow up....

    While the NVS 295 and 310 will display UHD resolution for trading and many websites, they don't do well with websites that have a lot of pictures/links... like Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes (and probably your favorite porn site :D). No surprise. These cards came out before UHD monitors.

    So... for all-around use and performance with UHD resolution... suggest using video cards with a minimum of 2GB VRAM and that state they "support UHD resolution"... 3840x2160. (310s will handle any resolution lower than UHD for all functions other than intense gaming.)

    eBay has used NVS 510s... quad-port, UHD resolution, for ~$40. Or, new from Amazon, ~$185.

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