Much of the nation actually shifted right in the election.

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  1. The map in the New York times URL below showed a sea of red in terms of shifting support to the right.

    Also, Obama massively lost the white vote.

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    Mr. Obama won despite losing the support of white voters by wide margins. Overall, he lost this group by 19 percentage points, even larger than his 12-point loss in 2008.
  2. you are right. i think the gop needs to go further right in the next election...maybe nominate a bachmann or a santorum.
  3. Ricter


    Obama lost some of the "white" vote, the men. He got huge support from "white" women.
  4. Obama only won by 200,000 votes.
    Had Romney got Ohio and Virginia to switch 100k votes each he would have won.
  5. Exactly. Very good point.

    I blame Romney for running a generally miserable campaign. He managed to blow two crucial states with republican governors.

    If he had picked Gov. Kasich or Sen. Portman of Ohio as his running mate, he might have carried Ohio. Ditto with Virginia's governor. If he had picked that traitor Christie, at least the fat slob wouldnt have been out there sucking up to obama the week before the election.