Mubarak's Speach

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  1. This guy is mad! I have never ever thought that the Arab leaders are that narcissist. What the fuck?!

    The guy had the audacity of throwing threats and declaring that he will die on the Egyptian soil, i.e. do whatever you want, I am staying on your chest.

    What added salt to the wound that he accused the people of causing destruction to the Egyptian infrastructure even though it was his thugs who he let loose on the people.

    Oh my god, unfucking believable.
  2. The two ladies who lead April 6th movement (Jameelah and Nawarrah)just came out on Al Jazeera and declared that, after Mubarak's speach, they have lost control over the millions of people in the streets.

    What has he done...Oh my god.
  3. I think the world must be coming to an end because for once I agree with you. Even though Mubarak is our little puppet and obeys us regarding israel, he is a little crazy towards his own people and authorties there get away with too much BS that the people should'nt have to put up with. I read one article how the police there will make citizens drive them around on errands out of their own pockets, or make the citizens cook them breakfast for free and all sorts of crap that would not fly over here.

    I think its going to get bad in egypt though. I'm sure Mubarak is not going to give up his power to ElBaradei. He will slaughter the whole country first.
  4. Heavy clashes between the people and the regime’s thugs in Alexandria. Mubarak, America’s man, wants a blood bath.
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    If US media reports are accurate, US is telling Mubarak, to "basically get out of the way, your time is up". This will get interesting.
  6. Yeah, I saw that Obama told Mubarak to turn the internet back on and mubarak basically told him to fuck off. Looks like we need to back another horse, this one needs to be put down.
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    Looks like he might go down fighting then, especially after what happened to his predecessor.
  8. Government thugs attach the people of Port Saied after the army left.
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    No more US money for Egypt if they refuse to comply with our demands.
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