Mubarak In A Cage

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  1. Did anyone see the pictures of Egypt's Mubarak in a cage? From palaces to cages in less than 6 months. Could someone post the videos? What do you think of his trial, and his cage? What do you think would happen to him? It seems they may have the capital penalty in Egypt. Did Mubarak apply it when he was the ruler?
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    Obama throws his Egyptian ally under the bus. Obama throws Ghadaffi, who renounced terrorism and ceased his nuclear program, under the bus.

    Obama supports Bashir Assad who is slaughtering his people wholesale. Obama supports Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who is killing opposition members, student protesters and is actively pursuing a nuclear weapons capability.

  4. As far as Egyptian rulers go, Mubarak was pretty benign.
    Which isn't saying much, except that now he's gone, the islamofascists will find a means to completely subvert democracy and impose a sharia law based religious state, ala Hamas, Fatah etc.
    Not that egypt was democratic to begin with, but you know what I mean.

    Fait accompli, Bush fell right into Osama's hands with his ham-fisted response to islamic extremism.
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    I'd rather watch videos of his security forces mowing down muslim dogs.
  6. Dogs aren't treated that well in muslim society, they're unclean.

    At least they don't eat them, guess that's something.
  7. Putting a sick, old man in a bed in a cage and subjecting him to a show trial merely demonstrates that they are not ready for self-government. Israel can plan on another war soon. We can swap Egypt from the short list of middle eastern countries which cooperated with us to the enemy category.

    Not a peep from obama, so i guess he approves. Probably wishes he could do the same to Bush and Boehner.

    The focus on obama's mismanagement of the economy has distracted us from what could well be a more important long term consequence of his regime, his terrible mishandling of the middle east. The historical precedent is Jimmy Carter. He wrecked the economy, just as obama has, but his real legacy was handing Iran over to the mullahs and throwing our longtime ally the Shah under the bus.

    The thing about obama is that he seems to have no plan whatsoever for any of this. He just reacts to events, and seems to make decisions based on what CNN says. He undermines mubarak, foolishly lets the french draw us into libya, but does nothing regarding syria and sits by while half of somalia starves due to a handful of islamist fanatics. He twiddles his thumbs while iran builds nukes. He alternately alienates the pakistan government then allows it to get away with outrageous perfidy (any idea what happened to that guy on a diplomatic passport they illegally arrested?).

    We desperately need another Reagan to send him home and turn us around.
  8. Doesn't show how big the cage is. I'd really like to know the dimensions.

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    Mubarak becoming a sick old man reminds me of the movie "Goodfellas" when all the mob bosses are being charged at the end and they all need to be wheeled in with oxygen tanks, so the lawyers can say that their clients are simply far to sick to go to jail.

    Personally i was kind of hoping Egypt was one of those middle eastern shit holes that still engaged in stoning, just so that they could prove a point with these dictators who rob their countries blind and murder their own citizens.