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  1. Is anyone believing it for a second?

    Look at the option volume's pretty looks like people were buying the options and not the stock as a way to take advantage if it's true....$16 offer from Blackstone was the rumor I believe.
  2. Bleh....more horseshit to try and salvage the price while whoever is still holding can get out.

    RACK tried this by floating a rumor that Dell was going to buy them yesterday.
  3. Normally I'd think so too but haven't seen that kind of option volume for a while.
  4. Sure you have...just take a look at DJ, ACXM, TXU, or any of the other 100 buyouts in the last few months.

    It's so blatant, it's obscene.
  5. Sorry, I meant purely on rumor...I've seen spikes but they're quickly discounted and sold off...this one wasn't really. The stock was but it's so fucking liquid it makes water look thick.

    I think this one has teeth...but I don't have any funds to commit to it or I'd take a lottery ticket. :D
  6. Yes, its going down.

    The OCT07 15 call had a volume change of 58150% above normal and was number 4 on the unusually high volume list out of the entire market.
  7. Tuke


    Do you mean the buyout is going down or the stock is going down?!?!?!

    I guess I'm not down with your lingo.
  8. I'm sure he thinks the buyout is happening. i'm tempted to buy some lottery ticket $13 Calls but have yet to do so. It will take a lot to move the stock and there really appears to be no shortage of sellers out there. :D
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    With a volume change of 58150% above normal I'm guessing yer right about the sellers being a minority! I'm tempted as well but I'll wait and see what happens. I don't want to get knocked out of the game this early in my trading career.
  10. Don't buy the hype...I don't see anything that would indicate 5,000% more options for October:

    There are certainly a lot of call open interest...but I wouldn't say the risk is worth anything more than gambling money. You could buy some deep in the money calls a few months out and hope the company doesn't continue to suck wind. :D
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