MTV forced to pull racist "Resolutions for White Guys" ad

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clubber Lang, Dec 22, 2016.

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    The message is clear: if you're white you're racist and your skin color is a humiliation of colored people.

    This hatred for whites is really going to extremes now.
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  3. In a nation where racial equality has been achieved the losers must fabricate racism where none exists in order to justify their own hatred for anyone who may have different political opinions than they do. Since they cannot successfully debate the failed policies of the left, all that's left is identity, specifically the race or sex of those with ideas other than their own. The left is defeated but not dead. Bad ideas are like that. They just keep coming around.
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  5. I think we did pretty well in 2016.

    We saw off a collection of republican cucks and sellouts, finally drove a stake through Mrs. Dracula's heart and elected a guy who is already making America great again.
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    I could have lost everything I own and declared bankruptcy, and 2016 would still have been one of the best years of my life. Just because of Trump.

    For my entire life, our nations were in decline. Now I get to experience and enjoy my nation COMING UP!!!!!!!!!
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  7. I agree. The run-up to the election was incredible. All year, it felt like there was this magic surrounding Trump up until the whole pussy grabbing incident. I got really nervous then. From January to then I was sure Trump was going to win and then that happened and I was like "Oh man...he's going to lose votes over this" Then right before the election the FBI announced it was going to reopen the case against Hillary. BOOM! The Trump magic was back! I mean, you couldn't have written a more thrilling roller coaster adventure that was this election.

    I was pretty nervous on the night, but about 70% sure Trump would win, but still thinking Hillary is going to try to rig it. I watched the book makers giving 5 to 1 odds on Trump winning and the pundits saying Hillary had a 98% chance to win. Soon as I saw the odds makers flip the odds from 5-1 to 1-5 for Trump, I knew it was a lock. The next day and all day, I felt this high like i had won the lottery. It was amazing!
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    I love you bro lol So true.

    I'm a regular Alex Jones listener. Have been for quite some time. I thought there was no way the globalists would allow a Trump win. I watched >70% of Trumps campaign rally speeches from the start of the primaries, right up until the general. At the time, he was doing 1-2 campaign speeches everyday + media interviews, so that's like 2-4 hours of new video content a day, every day. And I watched most of it !! lol I had never seen anything like that before in my life. Epic. Even still, I knew the dirt - Soros-connected voting machines in swing states, DHS federalizing the election last minute, rigged polls, the works etc. I put a big bet in the VIX options expecting a Hillary win (and soon to follow NYPD/FBI indictment). Lost quite a bit of money. But I couldn't be happier. I still can't believe he won. Fcking epic. Like you said. Couldn't have written a more thrilling story!!!!
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