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  1. Hi Folks

    Am looking at a software package called MTPredictor (EOD version)which basically works by isolating the ABC correction of an eilliott wave. They offer a free 140 page tutorial which I am currently doing.
    Has anybody user this software and if so what did the think of it?

    Under normal circumstances I generally just take the 30 day trial most software vendors offer and if Im not satisifed get a full refund. However in this case the vendor in question deducts an administration charge of around $280. Whilst this is perfectly legimate I just want to make sure that their software is worthwhile downloading in the first place. Hence my desire to hear from former or present users.

    Thanks for your help in this matter.

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    I think it is worth looking at. I took a trial a year or two back, never bought it, but found it interesting.
  3. Hi Roberk

    Thanks for your reply. Is it ok to contact you via private email as I see from your reply that you are a Moderator so I just want to ensure that I follow the proper protocols and not offend anybody!!!


  4. We build software - and i can tell you that others who build software too would LAUGH at $280 being a fair demo price... it may be a good product but THAT IS NOT a fair demo price... not even close...




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    $280 is fair, I think. It is not paying for a trial, it is to pay for the 400+ page manual/course they give you, which is well worth a read.

    I bought it about 2 months ago, and am very pleased - not just with the software, but the owners of the company - they're always there to help and answer questions.

    It does not profess to be a holy grail and post a success rate of under 50% - however, the position sizing and trade management makes the losses small, and the profits large, so you won't blow your account in a few bad trades....and over time you should make money, but it isn't a get rich quick scheme

    very pleased indeed
  6. No... No... No...

    It would be fair if the MTPredictor Team offered an Educational Program for $250 or $280 dollars and a trader paid for that going in knowing that it was a Educational process...

    but not when you offer a free trial of software and then say oh by the way we have this minor $250 dollar charge for our paper work and canned videos ?

    sorry does not fly... Not Fair...




    If You Have The Vision We Have The Code
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    if you still want the software and the ebook try to contact me

    Have a great week and many pips
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    Also who like elliott analyzer from both software are great
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    I've owned MTPredictor for nearly 2 years. Yes, it works - better than anything I've tried before. That is not to say it's easy, there is a learning curve if you want to extract maximum potential. But that is what separates it from a black box. As far as the trial fee, you'd be hard-pressed not to make that back during the trial period using just the automatic setups. And even if you did not trade and moved on to different software, you'll learn some extremely valuable information about risk:reward and position sizing that imo is worth the trial fee. Just my two cents...
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    Give me a fucking break. All it does is trade A-B-C corrrections. I have the manual -- its basic stuff you can find anywhere.

    I can't believe people pay for this shit.
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