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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mitta, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. mitta


    Hi, been looking at MtPredictor software and would like any past or present users for their comments, good or bad.

  2. In one word: junk

    A few years back they had a free 30 day trial with no fee so I tried it and it cost me nothing in return. I was mainly interested in the EOD edition but also tried the RT.

    Now when you return it they charge $250. The progam is not even worth $250 other than $2495.
  3. mitta


    Thanks zgtrader, I have received some good and some bad reponses here and elsewhere, mostly about the price. Mark
  4. That was sure an in depth review!

    As with anything, car, laptop, etc, it must suit your purpose. Obviously, if it does not, then surely you will call it junk.

    I know of one successful analyst that uses and recommends this software. I am going to try it our, but at present have Windows installation errors.

    Therefore, I can only tell you that the support staff of MTPredictor are nothing short of amazing, they have gone out of their way everyday for at least a week to help.

    Unfortunately looks like my only option is to re-install Vista or consider a new netbook solely for trading purposes.

    Perhaps I will report back here once I solve this dilemma and start trading.

  5. mitta


    Thanks John for your response, would welcome your thoughts on MtPredictor after you sort out your computer issues and have used the software for a while. Mark