MTM for a futures options account and standard accounting for an equities options account

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  1. Questions:
    1. Can I have two accounts with two different accounting methods for taxes?
    2. if so, how should I separate them?
    3. Is MTM automatic for futures options or do I need to file paperwork with the IRS?
    4. I believe I qualify for TTS on both accounts. Do I need to do any paperwork to apply for TTS or is it just a given?
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  3. So, I presume I can have both. (My fear is the equity account going MTM, although I like the Sec. 1256 for some instruments in that account.) No need to separate them?
  4. Robert Morse

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    I do not follow your question. 1256 contracts are already MTM. If you want to avoid wash sales on equities, you will have to apply with the IRS for that. They are already separate.