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    Has anyone ever achieved the accreditation from MTA which is the CMT(chartered market technician) or IFTA 'S DITA. If any of you fine technicians can help with giving your opinion on either or both of these organizations and their course material I would be a smarter person for sure.:)
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    I am a CMT Level II candidate. Great start for anyone who wishes to learn TA. Structured study. I'll be taking the next exam May 22.
    Exams consist of three levels given one each year, course outlines are available at their web site.

    Worthwhile, to be sure.

    Dave Scott
  3. t/a is a vital part of trading, however it is still only a MINOR part.. you will find that out very soon...
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    The MTA is part of IFTA.
    CMT Level 1 is the same as DITA 1 - and is, or atleast used to be very basic mutiple choice theortetical TA.
    DITA 2 is about 40% TA theory, and 60% an analysis of a stock - its actually the same exam as the STA Diploma (the UK TA Society)
    CMT 2 I can't really remember
    DITA 3 is a reasearch paper. CMT 3 can be a research paper or an exam - probably the most interesting of the lot, as it is primarily about intermarket analysis.. i.e. the interaction between commodities/stocks/bonds/fx, etc.

    Not sure how useful it is from a career perspective, however its good in the way it installs the discipline for you to learn - and also forces you to atleast look at certain topics which you may otherwise not bother with, e.g. elliot wave, candlestick theroy, etc. It should help your trading, if only to install the knowledge that there's no holy grail, and trading off only an RSI line is not going to make you wealthy!
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    The MTA is not part of IFTA. maybe you meant something else. but the MTA is its own entity.
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    Ok. By becoming a member of MTA, part of your membership dues are given to IFTA and you become a colleague/member of IFTA
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    Has anyone found certification to be useful in their employment or given way to opportunity that would not have otherwise presented itself ?
    Could a person teach t/a on weekends using the credentials of MTA or IFTA ? :confused: Thanks.
  8. I know a few people who have these certifications and are now columnists in various newspapers or financial web sites. They write their analysis about various markets. They also teach at t/a courses just like you said.

    If you consider these jobs desirable, then yes you have a fair chance at it with these certifications.