MT5 or cTrader?

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MT5 or cTrader?

  1. MT5

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  2. cTrader

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  1. LoganSilver

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    Hello! Conducting market research for our firm. We are looking to find out which platform traders enjoy using more, and why.

    What is your experience with both execution platforms and which do you prefer?
  2. Turveyd


    C Trader, no Envelopes I could find as I only trade via them, no use to me
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  3. JSOP


    cTrader for the win hands down!! Easy to use, great graphics with large inventory of technical indicators, powerful programming capabilities with easy to learn c## platform and with built-in mechanisms that prevent brokers from trading against its clients (can be overwritten by brokers)

    MT5 is horrible after they have introduced the marketplace which allows users to sell their systems and completely screwed up their platform in that they changed all of the folders and default locations of files so it doesn't even work properly right after the updates and you have to manually find where are all the new folders and default files are located and relink them. Its C++ codes are difficult to learn and are prone to bugs and are not compatible with codes that are written in MT4. So if you have codes written for MT4, you have to go through them line by line to convert them into MT5 and it's a freaking pain in the a$$!!

    So no MT5 if you can avoid it. cTrader all the way!!
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  4. thank Sir for your nice reply with so many god information , got so many fine lines.
  5. RedSun


    What are the ranges of the general costs? For what size of business?
  6. LoganSilver

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    Thank you so much for your explanation and time! We absolutely will take this into account.
  7. LoganSilver

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    Are you referring to Funding Talent? We provide capital up to 300K per trader.
    The sign up fees differ for each account model and size.
  8. I have been using MT5 for the past one year and I believe it is very user friendly. It has great features
  9. I have no experience with cTrader, only with MT5 (thus no choice made for the poll). Generally I liked it as I was able to make it do what I wanted it to do. The main project consisted of an EA which ran 24/5 unsupervised on a server and I never had it crashed. One thing bothered me a lot however: MT5 is very restricted in writing data to files or reading data from files. Those files have to be in a very specific directory, which cannot be changed. I had to write a separate program (not MT5 obviously) to automatically copy files over from the desired directory to this MT5-specific directory.
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  10. LoganSilver

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    Seems like MT5 has some pros and cons. Thanks for your input!