MT4 via ECNs

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  1. But why would you want to trade using MT4, it's an awful platform to trade on.
  2. I like MT4 because of user frinedly interface nad charting package.

    Currenex and Hotspot's paltforms are funny.

    Charting is terrible.
    But speed of execution of course very very decent!
  3. Fair enough if you're happy with it, I found it too clunky, I prefer one-click trading and simple position/p&l tracking.

    I agree, the charts are great and there are lots of bolt-on indicators around, plus it free!
  4. Cabletrader, what ECNs offer one click trading (if that was what you were saying)? I've never heard of one that does. There's usually a confirmation question before the order is submitted, and you can't disable the confirmation.

  5. I wouldnt agree on that.
    It depends if you use which broker or platform..
    The one i am using, when i click BUY, the order goes immidiately to execute.. and then i have a pop screen. which shows a message confirming my order is executed at what time, date, price, lot etc..etc..
  6. OK. Philipatt, you're referring to an ECN platform? What ECN do you use?

  7. cbrokermike

    Interactive Brokers TWS bolt on, FX Trader. I've not used it for a while but from memory I think you need to disable the trade confirmation window in options and accept the warning and disclaimer message. FX Trader looked like it had potential when I was using it but there were too many bugs in order and position tracking, they may have sorted that out by now so probably worth a look.

    I'm sure there must be others.

    Here's a screenshot, you'll see at the top it says 'Transmit instantaneously' in red as a warning (ignore the inset prices, it was just a comparison of IB vs Oanda across data)