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  1. several indicators have been coded for MetaTrader 4 to indicate
    or compare one or more pairs with an/other/s; display the usdchf
    on the eurusd chart, usd windowed below chart, some include
    B/S alerts based on spread difference, etc

    this thread discusses some of the above:

    the attached chart uses ' multisymbol_color-RSI_1.0.mq4 ' with
    usdchf, usdjpy and usdcad below the eurusd chart

    will attach the indicator in next post
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  2. indicator attached -- just delete the ' .txt ' -- Properties/rename
  3. colman


    hi! thanks for the indicator
    can you tell me how to input the currency pairs?
    i cant seem to get it to work
  4. da-net


    Thanks Wallace!

    Nice Addition.
  5. colman: when you load the indicator, go to ' Inputs ', read ' NOTE_1 '
    enter the ' currencypair ' in the empty line above - - ' CurrencyPair '
    op: " the attached chart uses ' multisymbol_color-RSI_1.0.mq4 ' with
    usdchf, usdjpy and usdcad below the eurusd chart " indicator attached 3 times

    attached ' CrossCurrency ' delete ' .txt ' , see ' Inputs '
  6. another 'other pairs':

    '11 indicators.
    File UEGCJ.h is going to \MetaTrader 4\experts\include\
    Other 11 files - indicators (\MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators\).
    Name of the first indicator is Complex: we may see the pairs and trend. Other indicators are the signal ones.'
  7. cashmate


    Hi Wallace,
    My name is Ronald, i downloaded your multisymbol_color_rsi_lq_1[1].0m4.txt indicator, unfortunately i don't have a clue how to use it, or how to install it to the meta trader plotform. I understand the exe4 files, not this one, i am sure it might be easy but i am just not familiar with this kind of file. I WAS HOPING YOU COULD HELP ME get your indicator install to the meta trader ploform and also share the manual with me how to use it. I always wanted a forex currency heat map, is it just as accurate as "TOP GUN FOREX" HEAT MAP? it looks exactly the same, except theirs work with esignal data feed, thanks for the software and i am anticipating your reponse,
  8. Rosh67


  9. caden1


    Compile the text file in MetaQuotes Language Editor (under Tools on the MT4)
  10. Ronald, i just downloaded and without having to delete '.txt' —
    it wasn't there, just put the multisymbol indicator into the mt4
    indicator folder - C:\Program Files\ 'mt4' \experts\indicators
    started mt4, double clicked on multisymbol, Inputs and entered
    USDCHF as the symbol and the indicator appeared below chart

    don't know what you might be doing or not doing but if you're a
    new mt4 user suggest you read the mt4 Help
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