MT4 Hangs

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by an2013, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. an2013


    Hi everyone,

    I am a novice trader and still learning MT4. But I don't know why MT4 always crashes. Is it because it is bad software?
    Yesterday, I clicked the mail tab & it crashed. I downloaded another version & installed it, the problem is solved. Today, I accidentally clicked the bottom panel & it was minimized. I couldn't drag it to make it bigger. It just crashed & won't start.
    Can anyone tell which software doesn't crash as much, for example NinjaTrader?

  2. MT's generally Very reliable, if the feed goes down it'll be that broker's feed only
    recently I've been having a 'hanging' problem with one of the 5 MT demos that I use
    don't want to un/re-install it so living with it
    no idea what's causing my problem or yours, try an un/re-install
    NinjaTrader is a very different program that I only use for futures trading, order entry
    and only keep a couple of charts open, I use MT for all analysis, much better and easier
    to work with so far as I'm concerned. NT has it's data feed interruptions and in far
    greater quantity than MT, but try it and see