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  1. Hello Traders,

    I had earlier queried about software and brokers for trading Fx.

    I have used Strategy Builder and Oanda for a trial account. Having achieved a reasonable level of confidence in my to trade this market I am now ready to commit cash. The problem I have faced in combining SB and Oanda is the rate difference. Is there any broker that you would like to point out who offer a relatively clean and efficient service and are based on the MT 4 platform?

    Thanks in advance for any input.


  2. tcm66


    Take a look at InterbankFX, which is based on the MT4 platform:

    It is one of four retail forex market-makers I use, and so far (5 months), I have found them to be efficient and have relatively good spreads. However, the best retail spreads, by far, are at Oanda --- my main fx mm. If they could provide the security of a major forex bank, I would have all my trading capital there.

    Since that is not the case, it is prudent to diversify mms.