MT4 back testing based on excel date inputs.

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  1. Hi all this programming is driving me nuts,

    Nuts is not good, I have only 2. So I need to semi automate.

    I am going back to a discretionary system but it will be based on rules that can in the future be put in to programming language.

    Just as an example, instead of finding pivot high and low by eye balling, It will now be done based on highs and lows OF A CERTAIN TIME FRAME. (like the high in the past 10 days and the low in the past 10 days.) Limiting the amount of days will effect results but it will also introduce more consistency.

    So To make this set of rules without sufficient programming knowledge, the best way is to manually back test different set of ideas. To avoid settling on a set of rules too quickly, the work should be minimized.

    Here is what I am looking for.

    Spread sheet

    Column A column B Column C column D column E column F

    A is entry date, B is entry time, C is exit date and D is exit time.
    E is direction

    So (entry)
    jan 1 2013, 8am, (exit) jan 3 2013, 4pm. Long

    I would enter that on excel for each trade I see while I am manually back testing.

    After that, I would upload it to MT4 and it would run the EA. Triggers would be column AB and exits column CD. So the excel sheet is like the indicator itself. No math needs to be done to find the entry.

    From their I get the usual back test results. win% % per trade max draw-down, etc...

    Also, if it can give an out put in excel with all the columns and and added column with the gain or loss on the trade.

    Its different but should be quite easy as there is nothing really that needs to be programmed besides initiate trade at AB and close at CD. (it would just have to be pointed to the excel sheet)

    I'm sure something like this exists. If not, something that already communicates with excel but just needs a minor adjustment.

    Any suggestions of a reliable source ?

    Thank you
  2. OK....

    HOw abut just getting MT4 to send live data on to excel while markets are running ?

    Any1 >