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    I have been testing a software called MT predictor owned by Steve Griffiths who has been on CNBC in the past when his software nailed the actual market low in march 4th 03 (S&P Futures live on TV).

    The software is based on Elliott Wave which only concentrates on. Ideal trade set-upsA powerful scanner finds the waves meeting exceptional criteria. Ideal trades A Risk/Reward module that analyses potential gain/risk of loss BEFORE you enter the trade. Ideal trade size: Initial Risk module determines position size. Ideal trade management Display modules that show exit/stop strategy: Systematic Elliott Wave patterns: Show Elliott Waves module finds only the valid patterns. Advanced strategies.

    Excellent additional trading opportunities and trade management plans.

    Included with the software is a nearly 500 page course (which is now downloadable in two parts) which covers everything you will need to know about how to trade Elliott Wave profitably, right from identifying the trades and key set-ups right through the trade to the end. The software is $1795 for EOD and $2290 for RT (both outright ownership, no ongoing lease etc.) if you purchase the software the course is free. You also have a 30 day money back guarantee or you can buy the course for $95 on it's own. The course covers the basics on Elliott Wave theory, right through to actually trading Elliott with advanced trading techniques in different time frames etc. The course has brought home a few facts that I didn't know/forgot along my journey of trading. I can see the detail of information which is in this course in seminar form costing over $2000 a time. You also get a free daily report with trading opportunities, and access to a private members only club, private MTP Bulletin Board, etc. Also what I like about this company is the friendlyness. Tony the sales Director, has been really helpful (the same goes for Steve) and always replies through email swiftly.

    I am using the EOD version at the momentand so far I have been pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of the software and scanner.
    The software only concentrates on the most profitable of the Elliott Waves, the five impulsive and the three A,B,C simple correction waves. It doesn't get caught up in all the complex corrections etc.

    My stress levels have reduced as I now at close of market download the data through and then just scan for the three key set-ups, ABC corrections and type one and two set ups. It displays your trade trigger point, where to set your stop, the 100% initial risk point, and all the targets based on Elliott and Fibonacci all on the chart with a click of a mouse.

    The only thing it doesn't do is put the trade on for you!

    As Forex has large intraday swings, I click the 'Show Elliott Waves' button and it shows me any valid Elliott Waves so you then just trade with the trend intraday, easy.

    Initial Risk/Reward is the real holy grail.

    I have relearned that the real holy grail is all about Risk/Reward and preserving ones trading capital as most of us know the market is not there to give us profit, we must take it with the minimal Risk as possible to our trading account. This software displays the Risk/Reward on every trade BEFORE you enter it, you ideally want to take trades with a Risk/Reward of 2:1 at the FIRST trade target. If it's lower, it's up to you or just go on to the next potential trade.

    The course covers all this and more.

    Forget all those $79 downloadable cheap courses you see advertised all over the net, been there, done that, and wasted my time and money along the way.
    Where they are helpful for the absolute beginner to just get a grasp on the market place, a lot of the information is freely avaliable on the net if you don't mind searching.
    You won't get the information for free that is included in this course imho. This information is what successful traders keep to themselves for obvious reasons!

    To all those who are starting out trading: If you think $1795 is a tad too expensive, come back to this thread and read it again when the market has taken every penny off you, because without the right training I can assure you, it will, as 95% of traders fail in the first two years.
    Are you not sure how to trade using a computer, or find it hard to find your way around a computer?
    Fear not as Steve has started a help service to members which will help you get rid of the computer anxiety to aid you with your trading. Another comittment to his members.

    Why not try out the Course first as a taster?

    Here's some free training video links:

    EOD software:

    RT software:

    Here's a link to the MTPredictor site home page:


    Now you can get access to a FREE WEB DEMO and FREE PART ONE of the training course:

    Web Demo link:

    Training course (Part one)

    Check these above links out as they are new.

    **Also don't forget you need the EOD and intraday data feed from :**
    Also avaliable through Paritech + other MetaStock format feeds.

    MTP is getting better all the time - there's now an enhanced EOD v5 and the two new real-time add-ons for TradeStation and eSignal. These are good developments to help the trader to increase profits with limited risk.
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    Here's a screenshot of a trade found this morning and risk/Reward details:

    Min Wave C is
    338.12 to 341.67
    a risk/reward of 1.9:1

    Typ Wave C is
    349.53 to 353.19
    a risk/reward of 3.6:1

    Typ Wave 3 is
    365.19 to 369.02
    a risk/reward of 6:1

    Max Wave 3 is
    406.21 to 410.47
    a risk/reward of 12:1

    The screen shot has not reproduced the quality of the actual software but you get an idea.
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    Here's a free report that you get daily.
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    Where on the curve are you?
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    Hi scratchy,

    do you have the rest of the chapters? can you post it?
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    awsl, do you use MTPredictor? Trying to get feedback on this software.

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    Wow, scratchy! You must have read the PureTrick thread and though you should do the same self promotion of your product. At least present yourself honestly.
  8. Yes, me 2, any owners on this forum? :confused:
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    I listen to their Webinars and it appears they have a fantastic product - they say all the right things (positive and negative). I'm simply waiting on a bit more info from "outsiders" to push me over the edge!