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  1. Was lucky and got in a couple of scalps on the MSO re-opening after the verdict on Friday.

    CBS stations in New York dropped Martha's TV show, I guess others will follow.

    The question is: Will Kmart drop her too?

    This is a knife I don't want to catch unless we see some support levels tested. I don't see much problem with 8 bucks, or even lower.

    Will the public continue to support Martha and buy here products now?

    The volume on Friday was enormous. Look at the volume on Friday (over 15 million) compared to other volume spikes over 3 years.


  2. my question about mso is where it opens at tomorrow. do they crush it on first print or let it work its way down.
  3. I got the chart already in Saturday's mail. Gap down, dip buying, then down she goes. :p
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    My percecption, longer term: The people that wanted to see Martha go down are mostly males functioning in an intellectual mode who don't buy mso's products. The people who wanted her to prevail are mostly females functioning in an emotional mode to arrive at their prefernce. These are the people who support her co's products. There is a lot of pent up energy under the surface here, the glass cieling,etc. There is resolve here. After the legal games are over Martha will play the feminist card much as some people play the race card and come back stronger than ever because her customer base is angry and she will use past events to reposition herself as an icon of female victimization. Stations dropping her may have wanted to do so anyway to replace her with something cheaper, we don't know,we'll see how many drop the Lakers if Kobe gets popped. All in, at this juncture I think if the stock really tanks I will get some for the long term. MSO has really no competition in their niche with a world wide audience. It's a style biz that can lend it's brand to virtually any consumer product, this fact is not unnoticed.
  5. I tend to agree.

  6. Consumers are both extremely fickle and loyal at the same time.

    A smart marketing department can really play positively on this.

    I think a wise marketing strategy is to have Martha make a rap video.

    Given that she is now a convicted felon, she has emerged with "street cred."

    The boys in the hood will buy Martha wear just to be hip.

    They can create a new show, "Martha Stewart Living in the hole."

    I can't wait to see Martha's new show on MTV with eminem as her first guest, they can rap together much like the time Bing Crosby sang a duet with David Bowie.

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    "Martha Stewart Living in the hole."

    ART, lmao.
  8. I understand Martha just hired Leona Helmsley as a consultant.