MSO: Halted & Guilty

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  1. Oh Boy!

    MSO: +$2.24 at 16.27 at the time of the NYSE Halt.
  2. What do you think of Nuvelo Corp? Trading has been halted for about two weeks now, why?
  3. Bought some March 12.50/10.00 put spreads for .25 on a lark about 20 minutes ago. Should've just went long the 12.50's. Greedy, greedy.

    I can't believe they didn't halt trading when word got out that a verdict had been reached. There are gonna be some unhappy campers who bought the stock over $14.
  4. Did you enjoy his high-profile prediction that Martha would be acquitted?

    Why ANYONE thinks this guy has ANY credibility is beyond me!

    What's it going to take to convince you sheep?
  5. Still trading and tanking . . . Down a buck and $3.00 off the highs of the session.

    $31.77 last
  6. Definitely Man of The Year.

  7. pspr


    MSO indicated at 8 to 10 ! Big drop.
  8. my ears may have heard wrong but tradethe news initially said not guilty ......... traders may have gotten it in the ass over this
  9. It didn't matter.

    The stock was already halted, Steel.
  10. Why was MSO starting to explode on the upside around 2PM?

    The upside move was on heavy volume too. Was it b/c of a widespread rumor?
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