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  1. Jim Cramer has an article up warning potential shorts in MSO that it is a "tough borrow" and thus vulnerable to a squeeze. This is a fascinating story. For those who have been in the rain forest, the CEO of IMCL was arrested for insider trading because he supposedly dumped IMCL stock after they somehow found out that the FDA was going to reject a critical drug application. The stock fell precipitously in the days before the FDA announcement and now trades at a fraction of the pre-announcement price. He is described as a close friend of Martha Stewart and has been variously linked to her or her daughter as an item. (Mr. Subliminal, I'll leave that one to you.)

    Martha Stewart sold 3,000 shares of IMCL the day he apparently learned of the impending rejection, and there are said to be phone records confirming that the two talked that day. Stewart has said she sold because of the price drop and had a prearranged exit price with her broker that was violated. She denies any tipping from IMCL's CEO. Her company, MSO, has dropped like a rock from 19 to a low of 14in the past week on speculation that she too would be indicted.

    I see this as a reasonable speculation. She has a plausible story that her broker no doubt will confirm, unless he wants to get into another line of work. There is no reason for IMCL's CEO to rat her out because he would be incriminating himself. He is already in deep shit and may need a place to stay in the Hamptons when he gets out of Club Fed.
  2. Waksal is already a dead duck with nothing to salvage and nowhere to hide. Why wouldn't he rat her out in exchange for partial immunity or a lighter sentence?

    Can you imagine what Martha's jail cell would look like? She could get some of those big fluffy pillows, put a fresh bouquet of lilacs above the john, make some toilet paper curtains....
  3. Martha Stewart is MSO and vice versa....If she goes down I would assume the ship is going with her....Very spec. play...
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    wonder how she will like the gravy on the cornbread.
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    The "higher" calling nowadays for many is to do what's right for THEM rather than what's right. Relativism with no absolutes. Anyone that follows this principle is a HERO to many. It would be dangerous to short this one for very long IMO.
    "Toilet paper curtains" LOL