MSNBC's Toure: Bill Cosby's opinion is Dangerous.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Bill Cosby comes out and says that the whole Zimmerman/Trayvon issue had to do with guns not race, and Toure goes on to skewer Bill cosby saying that he simply doesnt understand the black community.

    People like Toure are precisely the assholes who are hurting the black community. The entire racial element has already fallen apart, there is no way someone could say that zimmerman shot Trayvon solely based on Race, Toure is an asshole.

    MSNBC race analyst Toure (one word) once again came on the channel to lecture viewers on how race has everything to do with the Trayvon Martin shooting case and why Bill Cosby is hurting the black community by not playing the race card.

    While reprimanding Cosby for not taking advantage of the situation, Toure groups himself with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

    "We must be respectful to him, important person in the community, in America for a long time," Toure said of Bill Cosby before he trashed him for letting a situation like this go to waste. "Respectful of our elders. But this is a very dangerous sentiment and it's not at all true. Yes, it is a gun situation but it is absolutely a racial situation in that Trayvon Martin was clearly profiled as a criminal black man, as if those two things are synonymous in America by George Zimmerman. That's why he pulled his gun and used it on Trayvon. And when a person of Bill Cosby's stature comes out publicly and says it's not a racial issue, it's a gun issue, it gives fuel to all those who misunderstand the situation. It is not about race and I and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are making it about race when it's not. He's giving fuel to those people who say, 'See, look. Even Bill Cosby agrees with us' and that's not correct."

    Toure later added that Bill Cosby's opinion is "dangerous," unlike his.

    "I can't speak for Bill Cosby, but I can say, what if he looks at you and says you're dangerous because you have now said that George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon Martin, which is to be determined in a court of law now that he's been arrested and charged. And according to prosecutors, they say he did profile Trayvon Martin, but this is all to be determined by a jury of his peers and we're going to watch this play out. So, Bill Cosby, he could say the same thing about you," Toure said.

    "Bill Cosby is an extraordinary American. He's extraordinarily talented. He's had an amazing effect on my life, on many lives. But in terms of nuanced political thinking, he has not shown himself to be a big fan of that. And he has quite often said things that put him into the category of, with friends like these, who needs enemies? I mean, like, he's repeatedly talked about a lack of morality in the black community, as if we don't teach our children morality, as if we want to go to prison, as if that's some badge of honor. That is not the way things are in the black community," Toure also said.

    Tamron Hall, the MSNBC anchor conducting the interview, then asked Toure if he viewed Bill Cosby as "anti-black."

    "I'm saying that he has on several occasions said things that are extremely negative, paternalistic and rather misguided about the black community," Toure retorted.

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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    And you thought race-baiting was bad…

    It now appears that Touré, an MSNBC contributor, is a 9-11 conspiracy crank. Writing after Van Jones, the former White House green jobs czar, was fired in 2009, Touré took to Twitter to defend Jones’s outlandish statements with some of his own.

    On September 7th, 2009, Touré sent the following tweets about the incident.

    “Van Jones was forced to resign partly bc questions the truth of 9/11 but that Pentagon attack is really fishy…”
    “How could a plane crash into the Pentagon? And not appear on video cameras?? And leave little wreckage??? #Don’tbuyitfiremenow.”

    “This fascinating video raises questions about the Pentagon attack: 757 or missle?”
    The tweets didn’t get Touré canned from his job as “idea writer” at Time or commentator at MSNBC. He remains the go-to-guy for both outlets when it comes to his favorite topic: race.

    Touré sees himself as the arbiter of all matters racial – and he demonstrates an extreme xenophobia in the process. In March, after news broke about the Trayvon Martin shooting, Touré said the case “reminds him” of the face of Emmett Till, the murdered black Mississippian (killed in ’55 long before Touré was born in Boston in 1971).

    He then told Piers Morgan, the British-born CNN host, that Piers wasn’t qualified to discuss the Trayvon Martin case. “You are too new to this situation to fully understand what’s really going on here, and what’s really at stake here for America,” Touré told Morgan. Morgan, without missing a beat, replied:

    “What a load of fatuous nonsense you speak, don't you Touré?”

    Touré retweeted people praising him long into the weekend, only to realize on Sunday that he’d been shown up. It was only when his comments went viral that he offered this mealy-mouthed non-apology apology: “I should not have gotten caught up in ‘winning’ the debate with Piers. I got caught up with ‘winning’ on some masculine bravado bs when my whole point has always been justice for this boy. I lost sight of that.”

    He’s lost sight of a lot of things. Touré describes blacks he likes as belonging to his “community.” Of course, that phrase, when it comes from Touré, doesn’t mean former presidential candidate Herman Cain. It means blacks that think like Touré, of course. Cain, despite working his way up from poverty, getting a computer science and mathematics degree, and running a very successful company, is, according to Touré, “intellectually ridiculous.”

    “You have to learn to shape your voice and find the courage to say really honest things,” Touré told The Milton Measure, the high school newspaper I once edited. You have to give Touré credit for saying what he believes. Sadly, he apparently believes Truther lies – and that’s just the start of his intellectual and moral ridiculousness.

    UPDATE: Touré and Piers Morgan have gotten into a battle on Twitter over Touré's Trutherism:

    Morgan tweeted this moments ago:
    Wow. I'm sure you can explain this, right @Toure?
    Touré fired back:

    Easily @piersmorgan. I'll do so right after you explain why you & James Hipwell stole several hundred thousand pounds. I'll wait.
    Morgan responded:

    @Toure facts aren't your strong point, are they mate? That's what I meant when I said you're not a proper journalist. Maybe try a course?

    Developing ...
  3. It's not a gun issue, it's a young thug issue.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Go to the 2:30 mark to hear Piers telling Toure off.....

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  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Atleast Cosby gave his honest opinion instead of the race hustling garbage that the likes of Toure, Sharpton, and Jackson are pushing.....

    It takes a special kind of audacity for a bitch like Toure to claim Cosby doesnt know about the black movement, when Bill Cosby started his life out during the civil rights struggles in the 60's, when Toure wasnt even alive yet.

  6. I'll give him a little credit but he hasn't been able to get over his sons murder hence the flawed logic.
  7. pspr


    It's not a young thug issue, it's a budding drug dealer, pimp issue. :D
  8. Bill Cosby always gets his dick kicked in the dirt since his brown vs board speech years ago.

    Bill Cosby is relevant but like George Carlin said, "It's a club and you ain't in it" and neither is Bill Cosby.Thats the club of Sharton and jackson.

    when Cosby made his point (brown vs board speech) even the NAACP agreed with him in private but flat out told him they would not say so in public,

    There are intelligent, relevant black leaders but the media will not ask their opinion and those who volunteer get what Cosby got.
  9. achilles28


    Truth hurts. Black ghetto culture glorifies violence and criminality, and their incarceration rates prove it. Toure's is a high priest in the church of victimology that shirks accountability and fact every chance they get. Why blame yourself when you can blame "whitey" and get paid for it? Makes no sense. The guy drank Kool-aid. Cosby is out to lunch (people kill people, not guns), but at least he has the balls to get off the reservation and admit the emperor has no clothes. The whole Country has gone to hell, and the national obsession with Trayvon speaks volumes to the character of the media and the idiot Americans who blindly follow it. There's about 100 other issues of more importance than Trayvon, but hey, lets fixate on this for the next year, so the criminals in DC can walk into the endzone with more police state and green tyranny legislation. All this Trayvon stuff is a gigantic distraction for the "thinkers". Britney Spears for intellectuals. It's crap. My 2 cents.
  10. It's a young thug carrying a gun issue.
    #10     Apr 18, 2012